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Traditional Cooking Oil

 Grass-fed & finish beef tallow

Two years ago we embarked on a mission to rediscover the secret behind the rich and flavorful dishes that graced the dinner tables of our ancestors. This journey led to the rebirth of a nearly forgotten culinary treasure: grass-fed tallow. Harvested from happy, grass-fed cows raised in pristine British Columbia, our tallow is a celebration of culinary tradition, unparalleled quality, and sustainable farming.

Made with no antibiotics EVER, artificial ingredients or preservatives, our tallow is perfect for cooking at high heats and is ideal for anyone who values healthy and sustainable eating. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, our tallow is the perfect choice for any culinary needs.


Our beef fat is finished grain-free and raised without the use of hormones or steroids. This aligns with our north star of natural and sustainable farming practices, which is important for the environment and animal welfare.


Our top quality Halal certified beef fat comes from AAA or AA grade and as a result, the taste is consistently flavourful. The health benefits include a higher content of Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins like B and E, compared to grain-fed beef. 


EVENTS 2023 / 2024

Haney Winter Market

December  9th

December  16th

January      27th

February    10th

February    17th

March         2nd

March         9th

March         23th

April            6th 

Port Moody Winter Farmers Market

December 10th

January     21st

February    4th  CANCELLED

February   18th CANCELLED

March        3rd

March        17th

March        31st 

April           14th 

We are excited to introduce our Grass-Fed Tallow, made from only  grass fed and finished beef fat. Available only at the Winter Markets and select Store Event will be our  Bars,  a nutritious and convenient snack made from a blend of our tallow,Grass fed beef, and natural fruits. Our Tallow-Based Skincare, gentle and nourishing, perfect for most skin types.


In a world leaning towards sustainable living, beef tallow emerges as a hero with its impressive array of uses that go beyond the kitchen. Derived from high-quality, grass-fed beef, tallow is rich in nutrients and devoid of the chemicals found in many modern products. Here, we delve into the various ways you can integrate beef tallow into your daily life.


Culinary Delights

Frying and Sautéing: Its high smoke point makes it ideal for frying and sautéing, bringing a rich depth of flavor to your dishes.


Baking: Substitute it in place of butter or shortening to create moist, flaky pastries and pies.



Moisturizer: Packed with skin-nourishing vitamins, it can be used as a natural moisturizer.


Candle Making

Natural Candles: Craft natural, non-toxic candles using beef tallow, offering a sustainable alternative to paraffin candles.


Soap Making

Homemade Soap: With its high-fat content, it forms a rich base for homemade soaps, yielding a creamy lather that nourishes the skin.


Leather Care

Conditioner: Use it to condition and protect your leather goods, helping to extend their lifespan and maintain their quality.



Furniture Polish: Apply it as a natural furniture polish, giving a shiny, nourished look to your wooden furniture, cutting board and more.

Lubricant: Employ it as a lubricant for squeaky hinges and other household items, working efficiently without the use of chemicals.


Health Benefits

Rich in Nutrients: Incorporating it into your diet introduces beneficial nutrients, including a balanced ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids and a good source of vitamins.

Kitchen Interior
" We are so happy to see this on the shelves now. Hoping to help spread the word and looking forward to learning more about your company, great job."

Matt L.

Join us in rediscovering the magic of beef tallow, a product grounded in tradition yet extraordinarily relevant in today’s world. Whether in your kitchen, your skincare regimen, or as part of your household solutions, beef tallow stands as a testament to nature's ingenuity, offering a holistic, nourishing, and sustainable solution to modern living.

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