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Winter Markets

Discover the Endless Possibilities of ALLFAT Grass Fed Tallow at Our Farmer’s Markets

At ALLFAT, our commitment to quality starts with our grass-fed cattle. Grass Fed & finished, our beef fat has no hormones or antibiotics, ensuring that the tallow we produce is of the highest purity and nutritional value. This process not only benefits your health but also supports sustainable farming practices.

Skincare - Let your skin discover the natural wonders with our Tallow-based products.

Rich in nutrients that nourish and hydrate the skin, our Tallow skincare line is suitable for all skin types. From our soothing lavender cream to our earthy regenerative frankincense cream to our total radiance rose otto cream, we got you covered from head to toe! Come experience the gentle, chemical-free care your skin deserves. Launched in December, our customers at the farmers markets are loving our core skincare line, available for online purchase in January 2024!

Tallow Truffles and Pemmican Bars - Sweetened with Medjool Dates without added sugars!

Indulge in our Tallow truffles and Pemmican bars, a unique blend of natural ingredients and the richness of tallow, creating a delightful, healthy treat. For those on the go, our pemmican bars are the perfect energy booster. Made with a mix of tallow, dehydrated grass fed beef, and fruits, they are compact, nutrient-dense, and delicious. Tallow truffles will be available for online purchase while the pemmican bars are exclusively available at the farmers markets.

Beef Tallow – A Versatile Kitchen Staple, A Nose to Tail Experience....

Our Beef Tallow is a must-have for culinary enthusiasts. Its high smoke point makes it perfect for frying and sautéing, adding a rich, delicious flavor to your dishes. Packed with vitamins and beneficial fats, it’s not just tasty but also a healthier alternative to conventional cooking oils.

We also created beef cracklings for you and your four legged friends to enjoy, only available at the farmers markets. They are perfect as food toppers for your pets and you can enjoy it with scrambled eggs, pasta, salads and more!

Select Dates for Haney's Winter Market and Port Moody Market

We invite you to visit us at our farmers market, whether you’re a foodie, a health enthusiast, or simply curious, our range of products offers something unique and beneficial for everyone. Join us in celebrating natural, wholesome living and discover what ALLFAT has for you and your loved ones. Please note the Event dates on our landing page.


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