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As a vertically integrated company, we render our own tallow for our skincare line, ensuring the highest quality and compatibility with skin lipids for optimal rejuvenation and maintenance of healthy skin. This deluxe travel size is approximately 3 weeks worth of supply or equivalent for to 45 applications.

How to Redeem:

When your order reaches $35 or more, simply select the 8g skincare choice to your cart and enter code TALLOWLUXE, the total will be automatically adjusted at checkout.



Limited Time Offer: Available only while supplies last. Pamper your skin with the purity of nature!

(Lavender Tallow Cream): Perfect for sensitive or irritated skin

(Cacao Butter Tallow Cream): A luscious blend for those with

extra dry skin, layered with a subtle chocolate scent from the cacao.

(Frankincense Tallow Cream): Ideal for mature or dry skin types.

Embrace the rejuvenating powers of frankincense, known for its

age-defying benefits

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