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As a vertically integrated company, we render our own tallow for this cream, ensuring the highest quality and compatibility with skin lipids for optimal rejuvenation and maintenance of healthy skin.

Le Crème, a luscious blend that combines the enriching properties of grass-fed tallow, the hydrating power of cacao butter, and the balancing effect of organic cold-pressed jojoba oil.

This cream is designed to:

•Deeply moisturize and enrich the skin with nutrients

•Harmonize oil production for a smooth, balanced complexion

•Soothe and nurture the skin, minimizing irritation

•Infuse antioxidants to promote a vibrant, youthful appearance

•Reinforce and protect the skin’s natural barrier

Le Creme caters to all skin types, offering a deeply indulgent, restorative skincare experience, perfect for daily use. Apply sparingly, half the spatula spoon amount to cleansed skin. Discontinue use of irritation occurs.


Grass Fed Tallow

Organic Cacao Butter


35g La Crème Tallow Cream

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